We are very excited to announce the launch of RelativeSet’s latest application, created specifically with the Apple Watch in mind. Marco allows people to connect and communicate with a simple & single touch. Marco is the easiest way to send a shout out through our custom “At-a-Glance” texting tool. Get set & connect!

Who Are We

A little about our DNA

RelativeSet is a Seattle-based application design and development studio founded in 2009. We specialize in helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers leverage technology to amplify their voice, as well as engage people in new and exciting ways. We believe it takes more than a great idea to be successful. It takes a great team that can execute and deliver with precision. Check out our particular S.E.T. (Strategy, Experience, Technology) of skills.


We believe that leveraging technology to drive results is an exercise in design.  Our process aligns objectives with the needs of consumers.  From this a roadmap is born.


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Experience Design

Experience design is about understanding people. If done right, design renders the technology layer invisible. A simple and human experience is left in its place.

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Technology is an evolving language we speak fluently. We use the latest industry standards, services, and tools to build high performance, scalable applications.

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Meet The Team

Designers and engineers working in perfect harmony.

Mehdi Slaoui Andaloussi

Dev Director

A Moroccon ambassador and tech enthusiast, Mehdi is a true multi-tasker. He can often be found monitoring the trends of tomorrow while bathing in Argon oil.

Jeremy Grubaugh

Experience Director

Jeremy is the resident craftsman who saves pixels from an eternity of misplaced expectations.

Warren Aldred

Dev Director

Warren has a PHD in technical wizardry and is currently acting head of Amazingness at the Tubular Center for the Extremely Gifted.

Let's build something great together

Downtown Seattle near Fremont

3301 Burke Ave N Seattle, WA 98103 | 1-206-973-7350

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